The importance of self-care has gained significant popularity in the past several years. More and more of us have realized the long-term effects on our spirit, mind, and body if self-care is or is not practiced regularly.  Self-care practices help us balance our day to day responsibilities of work, family, and the unexpected obstacles that are thrown at us. With our days scheduled from when our alarm goes off to when we lay our head on the pillow that night, it is crucial to take moments throughout the day to focus on ourselves in order to be our best version for everyone around us. Here are some self-care practices to try and add to your routine:  

  1. Begin your day with a self-care routine 

Instead of snoozing your alarm ten times and then feeling rushed to get out the door, create a morning routine that will make you excited to get up in the morning. Some people find waking up earlier to have time to mediate, exercise, or reflect every morning allows them to start their day with a more positive mindset.  

TIP: Remove your alarm from arm’s reach. Having to get out of bed to turn off your alarm will lead to a greater chance of starting your day than pressing the snooze button.  

  1. Take time to go offline 

Constant screen time at work or at home can clutter our mind and leave us feeling drained. Schedule at least an hour a day to take a break from staring at a screen. Use that time to unplug and focus on activities that bring you joy. 

TIP: If you don’t think it would be possible to take a whole hour, try taking mini ten-minute breaks from your screen throughout the day. 

  1. Remove physical clutter  

Having a cluttered workspace can clutter the mind as well. Take a pause on your to-do list to reorganize your area. You will find yourself becoming more productive afterwards now that your workspace is clear from chaos. 

  1. Get your body moving 

Whether that be through dancing, running, swimming, going on a walk, or lifting weights, releasing endorphins through exercise is a great and healthy way to practice self-care. 

TIP: Find an accountability buddy to exercise with! Releasing endorphins is way more motivating when you are moving with a friend.  

  1. Find a creative outlet. 

Writing daily in a journal, drawing, painting, or playing music, are easy ways to release your creative spirits. Don’t overthink it either, find a creative outlet that brings you joy and don’t compare your work to others!  

TIP: Keep a creative journal next to your workspace. When you need to take a break from your screens, this is a great time to allow your creative juices to flow.  

  1. Reflect on the three best things that happened today 

Take time before bed to reflect on your day and write down the three best things that happened that day- big or small! This helps put you in a state of appreciation and gratitude. After, take ten minutes to map out your goals for the following day. This practice will help you gain a more restful sleep instead of tossing and turning all night thinking about the upcoming day’s responsibilities.  



Authored by: cmccauley