Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides and Princesses experience adventures and will build life-long memories. It is a program designed to strengthen the bond between fathers and their children between the grades of K-3.

The program is based on the traditions of the compass, including: community, nature, family and fun. Kids will build greater self-confidence, a sense of responsibility both to themselves and to others, the ability to make good choices and to develop greater respect for others and their individual differences. 

As an Adventure Guide or Princess, you and your son/daughter will join a unique “Circle.” The Circle will go on camping trips, participate in various activities sponsored by the Y and events coordinated within the group. All this while fortifying a sense of self-esteem, personal worth and quality family time.

Join us at our Recruitment Nights, Chief's Meetings or give us a call to learn more about it.


Derby Day

Date(s): FEBRUARY 24th

Location: Plano Family YMCA (Plano, TX)

Registration for Derby Day is included for all "Registered Adventure Guide/Princess" participants

***Car kits will need to be picked up from the Plano Family YMCA after registration is completed***