What is YMCA Adventure Guides and Adventure Princesses?  Adventures, experiences, and challenges that will play a special and unique role in the development of your child.  It is a Father-Child experience designed to help foster a lifetime of companionship to strengthen the relationship between children (Ages: K to 3rd grade) and parents. 

As an Adventure Guide or Princess, you and your daughter or son will join a unique "Circle" with whom you'll participate in games, camping trips, and ceremonies, while fostering a sense of self-esteem, personal worth, and quality family time.

End of Year Family Event:

  • Where: Heights Aquatic Center
  • When: Sunday May 26th
  • Time: 9:30-11:30 AM
  • Cost: FREE event for you and your family

Please register HERE so we have an accurate count of everyone coming!


Registration Information

Must be registered with program to attend campouts or participate in any events. It is a one-time fee paid for the entire school year. We prorate the fee if you join halfway through the school-year.

We do offer a 50% discount for 2nd children in the program. The discount can be applied in the branch or you may register and we can take the discount off afterwards. Please e-mail Samantha at for more information.

Registration is now closed 2018-2019 school year.

Registration will re-open this summer for 2019-2020 school year.

Fall 2019 Campout Dates:

  • 1st-3rd Grade Campout: September 27th-29th at Camp Grady Spruce
  • Kinder Campout: November 1st-3rd at Collin County Adventure Camp

2018 EVENTS:

Fall Events: Spring Events:
Circle Formation Night- September 20th Family Free Play Event- January 20th
Kinder Induction Ceremony- October 11th Father/Daughter Banquet- February 7th
Pumpkin Carving Contest- October 25th Derby Day - April 7th
Christmas Parade- December Rocket Launch- During Campouts
Santa's Village- December End of Year Family Event- May

Derby Day Family Event:

Derby Day Results