Winter Basketball Season

Summer Basketball Registration

Youth Basketball leagues for ages 4 to 14. Players participate in every game and receive equal playing time, regardless of skill level.  Our Youth Sports program encourage and strengthen communities by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition rather than rivalry, team building as well as individual development and character building.

Registration:  March 1st - May 12th

Season Dates: June 8th - July 27th 

Ages/Grades:  4 years -8th Grade

Fees: Members - $76 / Non Members - $128


Summer Basketball Clinics

Summer Basketball clinics are a great way to expand your skill set in a fun environment. Coaches will work on dribbling, passing, shooting techniques for all age levels. Classes run 3 hours Monday - Friday 8:30-11:30 am.

Basketball Camp I

Basketball Camp Registration

Registration:  March 1st - June 16th 

Camp Dates: June 24th - June 28th 

Ages/Grades:  4 years -8th Grade

Fees: Members - $70 / Non Members - $90


Basketball Camp II 

Basketball Camp II Registration

Registration:  March 1st - July 14th 

Camp Dates: June 22nd - July 26th 

Ages/Grades:  4 years -8th Grade

Fees: Members - $70 / Non Members - $90