Are you always watching the news to see the latest from the courts? Do you wonder how that attorney was able to get their client the minimum sentence instead of life? Or are you simply a theater geek who has been looking for a place to own the show? Then our judicial section is for you! 

The Judicial section will give you the knowledge of legal procedure, ability to communicate, questioning skills, reasoning ability, and knowledge of law, organization, critical thinking, preparation and teamwork. 


Each year students evaluate and debate high profile cases from across the nation. Double murders, wrongful death, top civil cases and so much more! This section allows you to team up with a group of friends who like to be dramatic and argue your case, both prosecution and defense! Students can also participate as Judges preside over the court room and make the ultimate decision on who has wins the case!

Teams combine drama addicts and straight debaters to make your team the one to beat!  Two to three attorneys lead the team through the trial, while the witness and bailiffs help carry the case...guilty or not guilty!


Are you the dynamic duo? Love to debate, as well?  Moot Court is the place for you. Show off your ability to defend your stance, along with your writing skills, so that you and your teammate reverse the decision on a case! Students can also participate as Judges presiding over the court room and make the ultimate decision on who wins the case!


Learn more today! Contact Jenna Struble at  jstruble@ymcadallas.org


Those experienced students wishing to run for State Office must apply to run with your District Director.  Check back here for details on the following offices:

  • Attorney General, Trial Court
  • Chief Justice, Appellate Moot Court