"....For All."


The ice storms earlier this year affected programs throughout the Dallas area.  Soccer, basketball and baseball games had to be rescheduled, but fortunately enough for the Y, we have the resources that allow us to re-schedule and move on. 


  • Well, what if we didn’t have the resources we needed to move on?   
  • What if our basketball team had been practicing for months to be ready to play in one tournament and that tournament fell on the same weekend as “Icemageddon” 2015?


olympic basketball
olympic basketball

This is exactly what happened to some Special Olympic Basketball teams in the North Texas area.  Chris Link, a coach of one of the teams and a long time YMCA supporter was told the games scheduled would not be played.  “Obviously, with all the practice and hard work it is devastating to our team as well as the others,” said Link.  On March 5th the Richardson YMCA received a call to see if there was any chance the games could be played at the Y.


“I have spoken with the other two teams in our bracket. We would love to have our own little tournament. The Special Olympics told me if we get a site and have the refs and volunteers, they can award medals which is what they care about,” Link told Jeff Thomas the Executive Director of the Richardson Y.  The Y was able to host the tournament and the basketball teams received their medals.  The Y staff that worked the event left feeling honored to be able to help.  For the Y to be able to support the community and this program is an example of fulfilling the last two words of our mission “for all”.  

Pictured: Coach Chris Link and his team.


Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas