Back to School Time is Here: Sign up your Child for our School Age Services After School Programs

With the school year fast approaching and your once again hectic schedules right around the corner, have you thought about enrolling your child in any after school programs, whether it’s educational or health and wellness  Here at YMCA Dallas we strongly believe that education and health & wellness should go beyond the classroom and continue throughout the entire day. We offer structured after school programs that provide enriching activities for your child to continue their educational growth.

Whether your child joined us at our summer campsor attended some elsewhere, the next thing we would love for them to do is join us for our after school program. In order to keep your children active after sitting at a desk all day at school, you need to consider putting them in a program that continues their activity, both to further their education and to keep them healthy and fit.

As a leader in youth development, we understand the importance of providing our participants with a balance of academically rich activities as well as enhanced focus on overall phusical well-being.  We work side by side with industry experts, and school districts to design experienced that help your child learn, grow and thrive.

Our goal is to offer a holistic approach to youth development.  We offer hands-on learning experiences by creating unique enrichment activities, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles and fostering strong character values and social skills.

Our staff are carefully selected and receive over 30 hours of training from child development to the importance of being a positive role model.  All staff must pass a comprehensive background and referenc check prior to employment.

Homework is important to their learning so we have a dedicated time in which the children  work on their homework .

But until the school year starts, do you have an activity that your family would like to experience? How about adult swim classes for you and a last minute summer swimming camp for your child? Swimming is the perfect way for your family to stay fit while having fun. Read our other blogs, including the entry about how you can replace your running with swimming during those hot summer months.

Feel free to learn more about our after school programs,  contact the YMCA of Dallas for more information and for answers to any of your questions!

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas