Return completed forms via fax 214 328 9977 or scan and email to Phylicia Sheehy

All forms and online trainings must be completed before arrival at camp.

All staff paperwork

  1. Staff Agreement 
  2. Personnel Identification Form
  3. Signature Authenticity Form
  4. Workers Comp Form
  5. Social Network Policy Agreement
  6. Health Insurance-Write: DENY on it, if you don't want it. It takes 4 weeks to kick in and there are costs involved.
  7. Direct Deposit-Highly Recommended 

New Hire Only Paperwork

  1. Proof of Identification for I9
  2. Letters of Reference- print 3 and give to your references - use the email/fax information to submit these forms.

Once on payroll, complete the following

  1. Health History
  2. Confidential Staff Medical Insurance Info
  3. Physical Exam Form Staff
  4. Child Abuse Awareness On-Line Training
  5. Sexual Harrassment On-Line Training