Our cabins are air-conditioned and can accommodate up to 537 people at full capacity. Cabins are split into sides A & B. Each side sleeps up to 14 people and has its own bathroom with two sinks, two toilets, and two showers. There are also campfire areas at each cabin.

The Dining Hall is not just for dining. With full catering and state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, the hall serves as a wonderful meeting space and can even be transformed into a beautiful venue for weddings and banquets.

Overlooking Lindberg Lake, the amphitheater is a wonderful setting for worship services, campfires, and other group gatherings.

The Education Building houses all of our Outdoor Education programs as well as five meeting rooms available for group use. There are also two pavilions on camp available for meetings and campfires.

Our infirmary is available for group use, typically staffed by an adult within the group. While we do not have a camp nurse on staff, all CCAC employees are certified in CPR and First Aid and the camp is just a short drive from the nearest hospital in McKinney.

Wi-fi is available at the Dining Hall and Education Building. There is also a computer available in the Administration Office if needed.