The Collin County Adventure Camp instructors can teach all classes and activities. Many activities require a CCAC instructor to teach or be present for risk management purposes. Classroom teachers may teach some of the classes if they choose, as this draws a link between the indoor and outdoor classroom. We can provide written material for all classes upon request.

Core Classes

The core classes listed below are currently being taught at Collin County Adventure Camp. Each year classes are reviewed and revised based upon changes to local, state, and national standards as well as specific needs of the students we serve. Classes are generally 2-2.5 hours long.

During a traditional 3-day/2-night outdoor school program, teachers will choose 4 of the core classes listed below. During a traditional 2-day/1-night outdoor school program, teachers will choose 3 of the core classes. During a traditional 1-day outdoor school program, teachers will choose 2 of the core classes. Specialty classes or recreational classes can be substituted for core classes at the request of the lead teacher or school administrator.


Night Activities

The night activities listed below are available for your group as evening programs. A traditional 3-day/2-night program will select two night activities from the list below. A traditional 2-day/1-night program will select one night activity. Night activities generally start at dusk and are 1.5 hours long.