If you or your child prefer to learn swimming skills in a private session or smaller group, our qualified instructors can tailor each lesson to meet your individual needs.

Private/Semi-Private lessons are two days a week for two weeks. Each lesson is 30 minutes with one on one instruction. The session dates and times are below.

Weekday times- 3:20p, 3:55p, 4:30p
Weekend times- 10:00a, 10:35a, 11:10a, 11:45a

M/W, March 20-29
T/TH, March 21-30
Saturday, March 4-25

M/W, April 3-12
T/TH, April 4-13
M/W, April 17-26
T/TH, April 18-27
Saturday, April 1-29

M/W, May 1-10
T/TH, May 2-11
M/W, May 15-24
T/TH, May 16-25
Saturday, May 6-27

Summer Private or Semi-Private Lessons
Four 30 minute lessons
Request forms are located at the Member Services desk, if you would like private or semi-private lessons, please fill out a request form and you will be contacted in 3-5 business days.

Private, Member $140, Non-Member $225
Semi-Private, Member $190, Non-Member $280