Spring Break Camps: March 13th- March 16th.
Flag Football, Basketball and Soccer. 

4 day skills camps that will focus on improving key fundamentals, necessary leadership skills, teamwork and communication. It’s a great chance for young athletes to get trained by experienced players and certified coaches whose focus is to improve a player’s overall game. 

Athletes newly learned skills will be put to test by competing in age group scrimmages that will be officiated by our referees.


Snacks will be provided for players participating in more than one consecutive session. 

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Flag Football: Instructed by Kenneth Bailey

Skills focusing on handoffs, passing, catching, route running and agility moves (spin, cut back, jukes) Defensive play is the key to becoming a champion so one on one flag pulling, swarm and interception drills, ball awareness, how to use the sideline and how to obtain a proper angle and pursuit drills will be taught. 


Cost: $80 includes YMCA sports water bottle

Location: Richardson YMCA athletic field or gym (dependent on weather) 

Grades and Times: Kinder -7th. 9:00am-10:45am.


Soccer Camp: Instructed by Krys Sobieski

Focus on sound technical skills coupled with team tactical execution. Skills such as controlling, passing, heading, dribbling and defending are taught. The ability to move to open spaces and working together towards a common goal are emphasized in this team sport. A balance between individual play and team play are stressed. The player is encouraged to experiment and deploy their newly learned techniques in small sided games during each session. 


Cost: $80 includes YMCA sports water bottle. 

Location: Richardson YMCA soccer fields or gym (dependent on weather)

Grades and Times: Kinder-9th. 11:00am-12:45pm


Basketball Camp: Instructed by Kenneth Bailey


Sessions will focus on ball-handling and stationary ball-handling drills, passing techniques and offensive communication. Defense is the key to becoming a champion; our goal is to improve defensive stances and balance, off the ball defense, how to defend the pass, establish good positioning to rebound and ball awareness. 

Cost: $80 includes YMCA sports water bottle

Location: Richardson YMCA Gym

Grades and Times: Kinder -9th. 1:00-2:45pm