SpeedZone day is a father and son Adventure Guide event.  Fathers and sons have four hours of unlimited play on video/simulator games, miniature golf, and the Thunder Track.  This is a great way to spend a special Saturday with your son!  Lots to do and an unforgettable time.

11130 Malibu Drive
Dallas, TX 75229

Adventure Guides encourages fathers and their children to spend uninterrupted time together as members of a larger group, building lifelong memories and bonds. Through activities such as weekend camping trips, games, ceremonies and family adventures, dad and child will create memories that neither will ever forget.

For 75 years, the Adventure Guides/Princesses program was the cornerstone for family programs in YMCAs
across the country. But it is a different world today. The YMCA’s commitment to being a caring, honest, respectful, and responsible organization, and an evolving cultural sensitivity of Native American history prompted YMCAs across the country to re-evaluate their parent/child programs.