YMCA Adventure Guides leads a father (or male role model) and a child on a journey of discovery and uninterrupted time together as members of a larger group.  Lifelong memories and bonds are built between dad and child through group meetings, games, ceremonies and weekend camping trips.


Date(s) Event Location Member/Non-Member Fees
July 1 Program Registration Begins N/A N/A
Sept. 13 New Participant Meeting TBD N/A
Sept. 14-16 1st Grade & Up Campout Sky Ranch $240/$270/Pair*
Oct. 26-28 Kindergarten Campout Collin County Adventure Camp $220/$250/Pair*
Dec. 2 Ice Skating & Toy Drive Galleria Mall $10/$15/Skater
Jan. 26 "Camp-In" Great Wolf Lodge $300/Room
Feb. 9 Father/Daughter Dance TBD $60/$90/Pair
Feb. 22-24 Father/Daughter Campout YMCA Camp Classen $240/$270/Pair*
March 31 Derby Race Lake Highlands YMCA $15/$25/Car
April 5-7 Father/Son Campout YMCA Camp Classen $240/$270/Pair*
May 3-5 Campout YMCA Camp Grady Spruce $240/$270/Pair*

*The deadline for campouts is 2 weeks before the event - late registrations will be charged an extra $25.