MobileFit has a system where members are asked questions regarding their exercise preferences and exercise history. MobileFit then generates a workout program based on the answers to those questions. Additionally, with MobileFit, you have the ability to be set up on workout templates designed to help you meet specific goals.

Another great thing about MobileFit, is that it always generates balanced workouts so as to not create muscular imbalances. MobileFit workouts may be accessed using the kiosks located in the Fitness Center of each of the branches, from your home computer or may be pushed to your mobile device. After members have printed and completed their workout, they should enter their feedback on the workout. Feedback includes if weights were too heavy, too light, or just right; how many sets were completed; any exercises that may have been omitted or changed during the workout as well as current motivation levels; and workout rating.

Another great aspect of MobileFit are the Y Wellness Coaches. You are assigned a Y wellness coach who will monitor their progress in MobileFit. They will periodically send members messages to check on them and see if they have any questions. Wellness Coaches are also alerted when members fall on their Critical and Cautionary list, meaning that they have not been consistently coming in to exercise. Wellness Coaches can give those members a little extra motivation if needed.

Contact your local Y to learn more about MobileFit or to set up your account.