We know that sending your student away to outdoor school for a few days can cause a little anxiety. If you have any questions not answered in the following information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact your child's teacher.

Camper Safety

Student safety is our top priority at CCAC. Whether it's out on the trails, canoeing on Lake Lindberg, or sleeping at night, safety is at the forefront of our mind. Collin County Adventure Camp utilizes automated gates at both the front and back entrances at camp that can only be opened by our administrative staff. The gates are closed while outdoor school is in session and visitors will be required to provide appropriate identification and credentials before being allowed to enter camp when students are present.

During each class and activity, CCAC instructors review safety information with the students to make sure that everyone has a great experience and stays safe. Students are asked to stay on the marked trails during classes, except when instructed otherwise. At the lake, all participants will wear a personal floatation device when canoeing and fishing. A lifeguard is on duty at all times.

CCAC Instructors

Our instructors come from various educational backgrounds and from all over the country. Most instructors have valid teaching certifications and various backgrounds in outdoor education, camp, and conference/retreat programs. Before the outdoor education season begins, instructors participate in 3 weeks of intense staff training, covering curriculum content, safety policies and procedures, and how to work with students of all ages. As required by law, all instructors have a criminal background check performed before being hired. Instructors are also certified in CPR and First Aid.

Parent Chaperones

Parent chaperones are vital to student success at CCAC. They are responsible for a small group of students and will participate in the classes and activities each day, providing leadership and modeling positive social interactions for students. Parent chaperones eat meals with their group and sleep in the cabins with the students. Please contact your child's teacher if you are interested in becoming a parent chaperone.


Our standard policy is that parents do not visit children during their stay at CCAC. We have put policies and procedures into place to make sure that your child stays safe and has a great time while they are here. Visiting your student may cause a greater distraction and actually increase any feelings of home-sickness. If you plan to visit your student while outdoor school is in session, the campus teacher and/or administrator must be contacted and you must receive clearance from them before coming to CCAC.

Cell Phone Policy

Your students will not need a cell phone while attending outdoor school. Their time here is an extension of the classroom and they have a busy schedule with various classes and group activities. Cell phones are a distraction for students and may increase any feelings of home-sickness. Should you need to reach your child for an emergency, you may contact the campus teacher and/or administrator or the CCAC administrative office at 214-667-5600. We will relay your message to your student as quickly as possible.


Collin County Adventure Camp boasts a great food program that is kid-friendly and healthy. At mealtime, participants are offered a main entrée with 2-3 sides and dessert. A vegetarian option is available at each meal, as well as a full salad bar. We do not use peanut products. Soy butter is available for groups upon request.


There are 18 student cabins on camp. Each cabin has two sides that sleep up to 14 participants. The school is responsible for providing parent chaperones to sleep in the cabins with the students. Cabins are equipped with central heating and air conditioning and a restroom with 2 sinks, 2 toilets, and 2 showers. Brand new wooden bunk beds provide a great night of sleep for your child. Cabin assignments are determined by the teachers during the planning process. Please contact your child's teacher for questions regarding those assignments.

Camp Store

Our camp store is stocked with snacks and various novelty items throughout the season. While we provide a camp store list, inventory may vary throughout the season and prices may change. We will do our best to ensure that an updated camp store list is provided for you before your trip. Typically, students may need $10-$20 if they choose to buy items from the camp store, however it is not mandatory to send your student with money to camp.