Your nearest Y is just a few miles away, JOIN US!


Many fitness facilities offer great rates and beautiful gyms, but they lack a focus on your total family. But at the Y, that is our specialty!


Join our family for 50% Off Joiner's Fee and enjoy the many benefits we offer to make your family happier and healthier: 


Child Watch

You work out and we’ll watch your little ones!

  • Child care is offered at all of our locations
  • Most branches offer care for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years old & your children are separated by age

Parents Night Out

How long has it been since you’ve had a date night? We’ll watch your children while you enjoy a night out.

  • Most branches offer care for children ages 6 weeks - 12 years old
  • Dates vary per location


PhtMembershipCampaign2006ConnectB_download_3 copy
PhtMembershipCampaign2006ConnectB_download_3 copy


Kid's Activities

We'd never forget the kids! We have plenty to offer in the way of fun and learning:

Teen Activities

We've got plenty of options for fun teen years!


group exerciseRBG
group exerciseRBG


Group Exercise Classes

We offer more classes than almost anyone in our area and our class times vary from morning, afternoon, and evening!




Adult Activities

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't play! Join others in the game and get some good exercise.




 Senior Activities

  • Silver Sneakers
  • Silver & Fit
  • Easy Yoga
  • Pilates



Join The Y Family today!

*Offer valid through 12/31/2016 at all Dallas YMCA locations. First month's payment due at sign-up for membership. Offer available in-branch only; not available online.