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Coach Team CDLI YMCA

 The Dallas YMCA has received funding since 2017 to support the YMCA of the USA in making the Character Development Learning Institute (CDLI) a world class incubator for best practices in character development. The mission of CDLI is to ensure youth cultivate the character skills and traits necessary to reach their full potential. CDLI defines youth character development as the process through which youth develop and integrate a set of values, skills, attitudes and behaviors that allow them to navigate successfully and responsibly in learning, work and life. The focus of CDLI is around five adult practice areas: Personal Development, Relationship Building, Responsibility, Emotion Management and Empathy. We believe a focus on these five adult practice areas will lead to staff and volunteers modeling the behaviors we want our youth to exhibit.  




Mom Daughter Family Time YMCa

When most people think of healthy living, they think of the physical component; working out or exercising. Healthy living also includes social and emotional aspects. One way the Y addresses this need is through Family Nights. Evenings are designed to allow families a time and a place to come together to have a good time, participate in a variety of fun activities, share, communicate and strengthen their relationships, and meet other families. Activities could include mixers or ice breakers, pool games, arts and crafts, family fitness, games, volunteer opportunities and family discussions over refreshments. Check with your local Y to see when the next Family Night is scheduled.  






Youth and Government Teens

YMCA Youth and Government is a national program, active in approximately 40 states. The purpose of Youth and Government is to prepare young people for moral and political leadership in the American democratic process by providing guidance, training, and experience in the theory and practice of determining public policy on the state level. It is called “a laboratory in citizenship and government.” Dallas has one of the largest programs in the state with nearly one thousand youth participating at the District Conference November 16th at Duncanville High School. For more information or to volunteer, contact Jenna Struble at



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