First Friday Report May 2018:

Dear YMCA Friends,

Here are a few highlights of what’s happening through your YMCA: 

Youth Development The weekend of April 13th, 230 middle and high school delegates participated in our third Annual Texas Model United Nations Assembly. Delegates worked towards resolutions to solve the world’s challenges such as the water crisis, child marriage, and coordinated low tech terrorism around the globe. We also selected an officer body; the Secretariat, with officers from the Coppell, Plano, JER Chilton YMCAs in Dallas and the Woodlands YMCA in Houston. Goals for participants in the program include: knowledge and respect of other countries and their viewpoints, understanding how to develop peaceful resolutions, sharpen research skills, writing and speaking skills and to develop a lifelong interest in international affairs.


Healthy Living Healthy Living Are you new to the YMCA or new to exercising? Then Kick Start may be for you. Kick Start is an opportunity to become comfortable in your YMCA by meeting with a fitness professional to assess your goals and needs and support your path to a healthy lifestyle. Benefits to participation include assistance in setting goals and formulating a plan, education on the most effective ways to reach your goals, guidance on safety when using the Y facility, access to resources for nutrition, and direction on exercise selection. For more information, visit the membership desk at your Y.


Social Responsibility Many of you are aware of the 2,800 homes that were evacuated in North Dallas recently for Atmos Energy to replace gas lines. You can imagine, or possibly experienced, the challenges that come from being told to leave your home. One of the challenges was the ability to take a hot shower. The neighborhoods affected were very close to the Town North YMCA. Diddy Fulbright, the Executive Director, and her team stepped up and opened the Y to anyone who wanted a hot shower. It was a simple and meaningful way for the Y to help. I received a letter from Elaine Luce, one of the homeowners affected and she said, “We were thankful for the support that our local YMCA showed, stepping up to the plate and living up to its ideals”. We’re proud of our Town North Y Staff and being there when the community was in need.

Thank you for your continued support.

In spirit, mind, and body.



Curt Hazelbaker
President and Chief Executive Officer