3 Tips For Staying On Track With Your New Year's Health Resolutions

Every year around the holiday season, people begin thinking up all of the different New Year's resolutions that they want to make for themselves going in to the new year. Some are personal, such as starting a new hobby or traveling more often, while others are work or business related. However, each and every year, some of the most popular New Year's resolutions by far are the ones that pertain to our health and fitness.

It is natural to want to get back into better shape after a busy couple months of holiday feasting, Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving leftovers. However, the goal of actually getting into a healthier mindset and maintaining your health all year long is something that is a little more challenging, as it usually means switching up daily routines and dieting habits that are engrained in our minds.

However, starting the new year off in a healthier mindset, and living more health-conscious all year long, can be a very positive change in both your life and the life of your entire family. Therefore, to get you started with being more healthy and active, here are three tips for starting your year off right:

1. Make Small, Gradual Changes

One of the reasons why many people often give up on their New Year's resolutions just a few weeks in is because they made too drastic of changes or because they are trying to keep up with too many at once. If you stack on your resolutions too high, you are much more likely to want to cheat or give up, rather than just starting slow and gradually. Therefore, don't jump into 3 changes at once. Stick with one resolution for a few weeks until it has become a habit, then slowly add one or two more until they all become part of your routine.

2. Make Food and Fitness Changes A Family Affair

If you try to make a drastic health food or fitness changes all by yourself, it will be much harder for you to maintain when you see your friends and family pigging out on all of your favorite desserts or snacks. Therefore, why not get the whole family involved in your resolutions? People who make changes as part of a group are much more likely to stick with them in the long run, and then your family will also be able to benefit from the many health changes that you are undergoing together.

3. Look Into Fun, Family-Friendly Ways To Exercise

Exercise doesn't always have to be hard work. Sometimes it can be fun, exciting and thrilling! It all just depends on what type of exercise of physical activity you are participating in. The Dallas YMCA offers a number of family-friendly fitness activities, such as family camps or sports leagues, that will have your entire family excited to participate. Plus, when exercise is more fun, you are much more likely to keep at it!

What are you best tips for staying healthy and fit in the new year? Have you already made your New Year's resolutions? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to contact the Dallas YMCA today to learn more about how you can take your fitness and health plans to the next level.

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas