Community Connections


For 170 years, the Y has served as a community hub where people can gather to make new friends, share interests, discuss pressing issues and create lasting social change. Connecting neighbors fosters a shared identity, helping them feel invested in the community they call home.




The Y’s inclusive and welcoming environment helps people of all ages and backgrounds make meaningful connections.

Partnerships with other local organizations and programs like Togetherhood™, the Y’s member-led community service program, also facilitate community engagement both inside and outside of the Y.

A sense of belonging is important to a person’s well-being.



To improve your own well-being and take an active role in supporting your neighbors and strengthening your community, consider these ideas for getting involved and making connections:

Attend or organize a neighborhood block party. As you get to know your neighbors, you’re likely to find others with similar interests and shared goals for your neighborhood.

Volunteer at the Y or get involved in Togetherhood to take on a project with fellow Y members to strengthen your community.

Attend a local school board or city council meeting. You’ll hear details about new initiatives or plans that affect you and your community and have an opportunity to lend your voice to the discussion.

Participate in a local fundraising event like a community breakfast at your Y or another area organization. You’ll learn more about local needs while spending time with family and making new friends.

Follow and engage in community dialogue happening on social media. You can familiarize yourself with ongoing community issues and projects, and start conversations on topics that you think deserve attention. Begin by finding your local Y’s Facebook or Twitter page.


Learn more about how the Y can help you deepen ties to your community and support your and your neighbors’ well-being by visiting



Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas