Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Family Over The Holidays

Get in some quality family time this season with these fun tips.

There is a reason why the holiday season is a favorite time for many. Kids get off school for a few weeks to enjoy the cooler weather (and maybe a little bit of snow); families get to come together to celebrate the special time of year, along with some delicious holiday feasts; and more than ever, it is one time during the year that we truly get to sit down, relax and get in some quality time with our own family.

However, with the cold weather keeping your kids cooped up inside and the busy schedule of the holidays always keeping you busy, how can you get your family to sit down and enjoy an evening of good ol' fashion fun? Today we have some fun suggestions for quality family activities that your whole family can enjoy together over the holiday season.

Try A New Activity Together

Kick off your family's New Year's resolutions early by taking up a new activity or hobby together! It could be a new sport that you have always wanted to try, a hobby that you can do together, or even an arts and learning activity that will provide many great skills for parents and children alike. The YMCA Dallas offers a free Play and Learn program designed for parents and children who are looking to play, create and explore together. Some activities include art projects, singing, painting, and more! Not only does the Play and Learn program help pre-schoolers improve their cognitive skills, but it also helps develop positive relationships between parents and children through playful activities.

Explore Your Local Area

When you have been living in one town or city for all of your life, it is easy to walk past certain buildings or businesses and never give them a second thought. However, every person's town and neighborhood has their own unique qualities and history that makes them who they are. Therefore, get outside with your family and take a "stay-cation" around your local city, visiting different museums, halls, festivals and events. You may be surprised by all the fun things that your town has to offer!

Reverse Roles For A Day

It is every child's dream to wake up and find that they are in charge of their parents! To throw a fun spin into one of your days at home with the family, switch roles with your children for the day. They can make up a delicious menu of treats and eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, choose the outfits that you wear for the day, and even pick what you do! But parents can get in on the fun too―plan the fun evening activities that you want to play after dinner. You could even introduce your kids to your favorite board games or activities as a child, and they can see all the work that goes into being a parent for a day!

What are your favorite activities to do with your children when they are home for break? Do you have any fun holiday traditions? Be sure to share your stories with us in the comments below! Also be sure to contact YMCA Dallas today to learn more about the amazing family programs we have in the works for you.

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas