Keeping In Touch With Your Child At Overnight Camp

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One of the biggest highlights of any child’s summer is packing up their bags, saying goodbye to their parents and heading off to overnight camp. Whether this is your child’s first summer away at camp or they are a sleepaway camp veteran going back for their third or fourth summer, it can be a lot of fun for your child to get away from the daily routines of home and make new memories at camp with their friends.

However, as much as your child might hate to admit it, no matter how much fun they are having, there will always still be a part of them that will be missing life at home. And, while you may hate to admit it as well, there is no doubt that you too will be missing the familiar noises of laughs and footsteps of a child at home.

Luckily, staying in touch with those at home while away at camp is something that is not only encouraged by camp councilors, but mail call is usually one of the most exciting times for children at camp. Not only is it a great way to hear about all of the fun activities that your child is experiencing while at camp, but a simple letter from home or a well thought-out care package is sometimes all it takes to dismiss any feelings of homesickness that your child may develop after being away from home for too long.

To be sure that your child will stay in touch while away at overnight camp this summer, be sure that you both discuss how you are planning on staying connected during their time away. Here are a few tips that will help your child feel a little bit closer to home at sleepaway camp:

Send Them With Stationary

If you send your child away to camp with the simple request of “try and write often,” you may not get a letter in your mailbox anytime soon. After all , it can be hard to come across stamps and envelopes at camp. Therefore, be sure to pack some pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes with your child so that they already have everything they need to send a letter your way. Have grandparents and friends also send along pre-packaged envelopes for some letters of their own.

Send Mail That’s Fun

While plain old letters can be fun, one thing that kids really love receiving at camp is things that will make their trip more enjoyable. For instance, Mad Libs make a great activity for everyone in your child’s cabin, while teen magazines would be a hot commodity in any young girl’s cabin.

Ask Questions

Many reasons why kids do not often write letters back home while at camp is because they are unsure of what to write about. Therefore, send your kids to camp with a list of questions you would like to know the answer to. For instance, what has been the most fun activity you have done so far? Or, what kinds of friends have you met on your trip? Having these pre-set questions will help them get the ball rolling when it comes to writing a letter.

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas