Nine Ways to Stay Fit In Hot Temperatures

In Texas, summer is the most brutal season. Stepping from one air conditioned building into the blistering heat of Texas can immediately cause you to perspire, so you have to remain hydrated constantly. It’s especially difficult to work out in the summer because you know that you’ll be sweating a lot more than normal, and you’ll get tired much faster. Running, biking, hiking, and even walking become much more difficult in the heat. Don’t give up on working out for the summer, however! There’s plenty you can do so long as you follow these tips:

  • Adjust your workout schedule. The hottest part of the day is between 12pm and 5pm, so make sure to be flexible about when you work out. You should check the weather fairly frequently so you know when the lowest temperature will be. Morning or evening workouts during the summer are a good idea because it’s much cooler in the morning or at night. Working out indoors? Contact your local Dallas YMCA branch to see when they are open and plan your workouts accordingly.
  • Constantly drink water. You need to be drinking water consistently throughout the day. Being hydrated can help you during your workout because it can prevent the symptoms associated with overheating, like dizziness, stomach cramps, and headaches.
  • Get clothing that wicks away moisture. This is helpful in that wicking clothing that’s lightweight and breathable can pull moisture away from your skin, making you feel cooler. Additionally, protective clothing like wearing hats to protect your face and head can be very beneficial.
  • Take cool showers before you work out. It is strange to take a shower pre-workout, but the cool temperature will stay with you as you go outside to work out. You can make a shortened version of this by dumping a water bottle on your head  whenever you need to cool down.
  • Match the workout to the temperature. If you know it’s going to be an extremely hot day, try swimming instead of a heavier workout. If it’s cooler in the morning, try a cardio workout to warm yourself up. Sometimes biking in the wind can be perfect for super hot days as well.
  • Try to exercise in cooler places. Whether this means you seek shade while biking or running, you should aim for working out in places without sunshine, like shady paths in your nearby park, or even doing your exercise indoors. Your local Dallas YMCA branch is the perfect place to grab an indoor workout!
  • Shorten or split up your workouts. It’s better if you are working out in the summer for you to split the time that you spend on a workout. This way, you can get the exercise you need but in intervals, which can protect you from overheating.
  • Slow down. You’re expending a lot more energy during the summer to keep yourself cool, so slow down your pass. Try doing less intervals, or take breaks more frequently.
  • Workout inside. If you belong to a gym, the summer is the best time to use it. If you can’t afford a full-time membership, you can also burn calories by doing things at home. Staying in air conditioning is the best way to have a safe workout in the summer. Your local Dallas YMCA branch also offers several group exercise classes to keep you fit and interested in fitness all summer long. Contact your local Dallas YMCA branch for more details.

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Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas