Power Up With Restful Sleep


The back-to-school season can be a busy time of year as we adjust to new routines and make time for homework, afterschool activities and new friends. As you and your family rearrange your schedules to squeeze it all in, don’t forget to make time for a basic but critical component of good health — SLEEP!

Restful sleep is proven to have important short- and long-term health benefits for children and adults. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune system, improving memory and the ability to learn, and more. Getting enough restful sleep can enrich your family’s quality of life and overall well-being. With these helpful tips for kids and adults, your family will be getting plenty of rest in no time.





Bedtime Means Lights Out: Stick to a consistent bedtime and avoid allowing kids to watch TV or read until they fall asleep.

Establish a Routine: Adopt a relaxing routine to help children wind down before bed. It might include getting a drink of water, putting on pajamas, brushing their teeth and reading a story with a parent.

Mind the Over-Scheduling: Remember that if kids don’t get the rest they need one night because of a busy schedule, they can “catch up” by getting extra rest later on.




Watch When You Eat: Prepare your body and mind for better sleep by eating dinner at least two hours before bedtime and avoiding overeating.

Don’t Clock-Watch: Avoid watching the clock if you’re unable to fall asleep. Instead, get out of bed and divert your attention until you feel drowsy. Try reading a book or listening to music.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment: Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, cool and comfortable, and limit the times that you allow kids or pets to sleep with you.

Expert Sleep
Expert Sleep


Sleep is one of five pillars of the YMCA’s Healthy Family Home, an initiative to help families live healthier. Learn how the initiative can improve the well-being of your family at www.ymca.net/healthy-family-home.


Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas