Testimonial: YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program



Mary W.: 

I had been trying for a few months to lose weight. Had tried many times before and never kept the weight off. This time a very timely letter arrived from our insurance company offering us a diabetes prevention class free of charge. I could hardly wait. I was borderline prediabetic and knew that was a line I did not want to cross. 

I love the way the class is structured to give us the tools we need in incremental steps. We committed to lose 7% of our current weight over 16 weeks and then maintain that loss over the next 8 months. We also committed to being physically active 150 minutes a week.

I have learned so much about eating properly. After three knee surgeries two years ago I now find myself determined to be active. I reached my goal of 7% on the 9th week and have set a new smart goal of losing an additional 7% before the 16th week. 

This class is not like any that I have ever been involved with. I've been taught tools and know how to use them. My instructor, Yolanda, has been a wonderful coach. She made herself available to me even while I was away on vacation. I feel I have gained a new mindset. This has been a very doable program for me. It has not been a struggle. I'm excited to see my doctor in a few months and see the improvement in my A1C etc.  I'm enjoying the new me. Having fun and making great choices. 

I am very thankful to the Y for providing this class and for giving me a membership while I am active in the classes. I feel like with the 8 month maintenance program I will ensure that I hold onto this success. I am so very grateful and 22 pounds lighter as of today's weigh-in.  


Thanks YMCA, Tracy, Yolanda and United Health Care. 


Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas