Top 3 Ways You Can Make A Difference This #GivingTuesday

According to U.S. News, giving back is actually good for the body! “The feel-good effects of giving begin in the brain. It’s called “giver’s glow,” says Stephen G. Post, director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics at New York’s Stony Brook University.” Giving back triggers rewarding stimuli and boosts brain chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. This #GivingTuesday, consider giving back to impact your community while reaping the psychological benefit of being generous. Here are 3 ways you can make a difference at your local YMCA:

Donate Your Money

As a nonprofit, the Y’s doors are open to all and we take on the most urgent community. By donating to the Y, your dollars strengthen kids, adults, families, and seniors through programs like: Safety Around Water, FIT for Health, and Y-Achievers. These programs offer families of all backgrounds the chance to learn, grow and thrive.

Donate to your local YMCA!


Donate Your Time

Volunteering at the Y allows us to multiply what we can do for our communities. By taking an active role to help, you create opportunities for meaningful change right in your own neighborhood. Volunteer opportunities at the Y could include: youth sports, facility support, teen advisor/mentor, general outreach, and special need support. Stop by your local YMCA to discover more volunteer opportunities or visit our volunteer page.

I’m Ready To Volunteer!

Fundraise For Your Local YMCA

Becoming a fundraiser for the Y is a great honor. It means you are committed to your community and you use your voice to inspire other to do the same! If you have the gift of motivating others to give back, fundraising for the Y is now easier than ever! You can set up a crowdfunding page for your local YMCA and start encouraging others to donate.

Crowdfund for the YMCA today!  Fundraise on Facebook!

Whether you are donating your money, your time, or your talents, the Y is grateful for caring individuals like you, who are committed to making a difference in their community. Donate to the Y this Giving Tuesday...For a Better Us. 


Source: U.S. News - What Generosity Does to Your Brain and Life Expectancy

Authored by: La Shae