The Top 5 Reasons Camping is Vital for your Family

Everyone wants to spend family time together, but that seems nearly impossible in this extra-busy world with all of its abilities to make us work, work, work! Family time has always been precious, but lately it’s become rare. Time spent with your family is never time wasted, and it’s important to make sure that you set aside time to be with them. One of the best ways to do this is to go camping. Family Camping isolates your family from all of the world’s noise and just lets you be together. Read on to learn the top five reasons why camping is so important for your family. And want specific information on family camping in Dallas at the Y? Visit our Family Camps section of our website after reading!

One- Connect

Camping means you’re away from the world. You can’t be at work, on your laptop or cell phone, and your kids can’t be on video games or on their cell phones either. This time away from electronics will allow you to actually spend time talking to your kids and your spouse. You can finally have some time to figure out what all is going on in your kids life, and how things are going for them. This time of discover is important to your relationship as a family. Time away from the rest of the world is the time you can take to really learn who your kids are. These in-depth conversations are rare because everyone is always so busy. That’s why it’s important to value time while out camping.

Two- Make up your own traditions.

Family traditions will be passed on through generations. This time in the wilderness with your kids might be one of their best memories that they preserve for the rest of their lives. Family traditions seem to emerge when you actually have time to spend together as a family, but it’s interesting how well they stick! Whether it’s how you set up the campsite, or what road trip activities you take, or even what foods you eat, making memories is so important.

Three- Relax.

The disconnect from electronics matters more than just connecting with your family. Being away from the noise of the world allows you to simply enjoy the company of your family. Relaxing with your family will sometimes bond you even closer than having those in-depth conversations.

Four- Exposure to Outdoors.

Your children likely spend a lot of time indoors. You probably do as well. It is important that your children learn what the outdoors are like and why they are important. This time outdoors gives your kids a chance to be active and have a great time exploring nature.

Five- Responsibility to the Environment

When you’re exploring the outdoors with your family, it’s much easier to explain why recycling is so important and why littering is bad. You can explain how it affects the environment and why it’s important that everyone get involved. You can take this time to explain why there is land set aside for national parks and camps and how the preservation of these facilities will be important to your kids as they grow older and have kids of their own.

Looking for a place to camp with the family? The Dallas YMCA offers several family camps that would be perfect for families seeking to explore the outdoors and bond with one another. Whether you prefer making bonfires, climbing mountains, or hiking, the YMCA can help make sure that you and your family have a great time!  Visit our website for more information or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas