What the Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Staying Healthy

The Super Bowl is one of many Americans’ favorite traditions. With its traditional nachos, hamburgers and alcohol, it’s not what we usually think of as a healthy event. Even so, the following are a few valuable lessons the NFL Championship can teach us at home.

Nothing happens overnight! The teams playing in the Super Bowl withstood an entire season of ups and downs before making it to the most awaited game of the year! No one can expect to become healthy overnight. It takes months of wins and losses, but in the end, your health is worth celebrating!

Reward yourself for a job well done. Have you seen the Super Bowl rings? That kind of bling is motivation enough for those athletes. What’s something you’ve had your eye on? A new pair of jeans? A massage? Set a health goal like running 10 miles in a week or standing while you work. When you reach your goal, reward yourself!

Don’t take it too seriously. Yes, health is a serious concern. But just like the funny commercials during the Super Bowl can make it more fun to watch, having fun in your life can make you healthier too! Turn on that 80’s pop song that always makes you laugh while you run. Get an ab workout from a good standup comedian. And never be afraid to count dancing around to silly music as cardio.

Every inch counts. An inch on the field can be the difference between a touchdown and a let down. On the gridiron, the players bring their A game to fight for every inch. Whether you’re trying to lose inches or add them up to miles you ran, fight for every inch and your health.

What do you admire about professional athletes? Are you changing any of your Super Bowl traditions to healthier ones?  

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas