A Word From Our Board


Earlier this week at our Board of Directors Meeting, Board member David Tesmer gave this opening thought: 

"Linus is one of my favorite Peanuts characters. Unlike Charlie Brown who sees the world as always being out to get him; Linus sees the world through the eyes of hope and anticipation. He is the voice of possibility, and each year we are reminded of this as he waits in the pumpkin patch on All Hallow’s Eve watching for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.

As people of hope, we gather together, not knowing what will come before or after the sunrise, but sticking around to see what’s there for us on the other side. As we remember those that have gone before us, let us also remember to be intentional about our time – letting our hope guide us, and our desire to be a part of God’s plan for us."



As 'All Hallows Eve' approaches let us see the world through the eyes of hope and anticipation.

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas