Is Your Child Ready For Back-To-School Sports

Make sure your child has everything they need for sports this school season.

While the month of August is a great time for fitting in last-minute summer vacations or spending some good, quality time with friends and family, there is always the ever-present reminder that school is right around the corner sitting in the back of your head, constantly reminding you of all the work that still needs to be done.

A new school year means a chance for new beginnings, new experiences and new friends for kids everywhere. Whether your child is heading to a new school this year (transferring to high school omiddle school means big changes), or you are simply preparing for the average back-to-school tasks that come each fall, there are a number of things in which you should prepare for in order to ensure that your child is ready for the classroom this coming school season.

However, if your child is interested in playing sports or participating in after-school activities, there are certain extra tasks that you may need to add on to your to-do list before your child can start heading to their first practice. While sports are a fun way for your child to socialize and meet new people outside of the classroom, they are also very physical activities that require kids to be in good shape all year long.

To help ensure that your child is back-to-school ready, both in the classroom and on the sports field, we have put together some important tasks that must be completed before the new school year begins this fall.

Ease Your Family Into The School Schedule

After a long couple of months spent sleeping in and staying out late, that early school wakeup call can come as a big shock for parents and children alike. Therefore, in order to avoid a drastic adjustment of household sleep schedules, be sure that you ease yourself and your children back into the school year routine gradually. Starting a few weeks before school officially begins, begin having your family wake up earlier and go to bed later, eventually growing closer to the hour that they will need to rise in order to make it to school on time.

Schedule A Sports Physical

For many schools all across the country, an in-depth sports physical is required when a school student is looking to start a new sport or begin a new competitive season. However, even if a physical isn’t required at your child’s school, it is still beneficial in helping you determine whether or not your child is safe to participate in a particular sport. Your sports doctor may even be able to offer some good training tips that will help your child avoid injury throughout the season.

Arrange For Active After-School Activities

After spending six hours straight in the classroom, sitting and learning, your child deserves a much-needed refresher outside, away from homework. After-school sports or activities are a great way for your child to keep mentally and physically fit after school, while also helping to develop their social skills and improve their academic achievements. If you’re looking for an fun, beneficial after-school activity for your child, be sure to look into the wide variety of classes or camps at your local YMCA.

Authored by: YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas