The YMCA is governed by the Board of Directors who holds title to all real estate and establishes overall policy providing direction to the various Branch Operations. The Board of Directors confers a broad range of authority to the Branch Boards of Management who assume responsibility for advising each YMCA.

We are very proud of the J.E.R. Chilton YMCA at Rockwall Board of Management:

Board of Management

Bob Amick  
Greg Broze  
Jon Bailey  
Frank Conselman  
Todd Dent  
Kevin Fowler  
Melissa Garcia  
Tim Hartley  
Jay Humphrey  
Mike Jumper 2013 Partners Co-Chair
Jeff Little Leadership Committee Chair
Jay Longsworth Community Committee Chair
Marisol Lopez  
Roberto Lopez  
Phil Miller  
Bart Miller Marketing Committee Chair
Mike Morris  
Larry Parks  
Brett Packer Facilities Committee Chair
Scott Petty  
Dawn Redig  
Richard Redig  
Jason Ross  
Angie Scalf  
Kevin Smart  
Larry Stephenson  
David Sweet  
Julie Teinert  
Myron Weidenbach  
Brian Williams 2012-2013 Board Chair
Susan Young